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imma be - Vine by sionemaraschino


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It’s Diana Ross big today 💁

Quick trip to chi ended with one of the most mazing dinners I’ve ever had, and with these wonderful people! #yusho

Day 4• lunge with knee tap and torso twist (part two of three)

I do not post videos of myself but felt weird just taking the photo when it’s not a posture but a work out. So here’s what you get! Thanks for laughing @hogsheadofrealfire 😛

@talia_sutra @jacynfainyoga @nalamalas @butterelixir #liquidsteel

Day 3• Standing Back Bend

This is one of the hardest poses for me! I can do full wheel and my shoulders have always been open and flexible but it’s such a hard thing not to dump into the lower back. I only held this for 3 second before I knew I was too much into the hips/back. Definitely something to work on!

@talia_sutra @jacynfainyoga @nalamalas @butterelixir #liquidsteel

Guys… It’s the most perfect top of a Hershey kiss!
Also my yoga pose for today will be posted tomorrow, my photographer fell asleep 😴 @hogsheadofrealfire

In an effort to try and do yoga every day, I’m doing this monthly challenge! Join me if you’d like!! #liquidsteel @talia_sutra @jacynfainyoga

What every movie night turns into for them… 😴

everyone should probably…

just avoid me for the next couple of days because i am NOT in the mood. all i want to do is vent but im trying not to gossip.

soooo hard not to. but im trying.